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M I S S c o r t e s e

~ a community dedicated to Genevieve Cortese

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All Members , Moderated
A community dedicated to Genevieve Cortese

Welcome to misscortese, a community completely devoted to the actress Genevieve Cortese (also known as Genevieve Cortese-Padalecki).

Anything and everything related to Genevieve Cortese is welcome. You must join the community in order to post. Here you will find news/media, fanart, icons, fics and meta.

Follow the simple rules outlined bellow and have fun!

01. All entries posted in this community must be relevant to Genevieve Cortese as an actress, or one of the roles she has portrayed in the past or will portray in the future.

02. ALL SPOILERS MUST BE UNDER A CUT. Information is considered to be a spoiler for up to one week following the original airing in America. Any posts breaking this rule will be deleted without warning.
03. Bigger pictures must be under a cut. If you don't want to cut them, please use clickable thumbnails. When you're posting icons please don't put more than three icons outside of an lj-cut.

04. Do not under ANY circumstances change the style, color, or size of your text when posting to the community. Any posts breaking this rule will be deleted without warning.

05. Tag your entries. If there's a tag missing just pm a mod and we'll add it as soon as possible.

06. Do not link to locked entries!

07. NO BASHING. You bash? You're banned immediately.

08. When you are posting fic, please use the following header, and remember to place the content of the fic behind an lj-cut:

AFFILIATES: Leave a comment here if you're interested.
QUESTION? Feel free to comment here or pm a mod.